Supreme Court should take Suo Moto action against Govt’s Negligence in Hunza Lake issue.

<Member National Assembly and incharge PML(Q) for G-B, Ms. Marvi Memon has requested the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take Suo Moto action against the government’s negligence and untruthful commitments with the inhabitants of the Ata’abad-Hunza. She was speaking live to a private TV channel today during a protest held by the effecties of Ata’abad against the aimless visit of Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani to the region. The local people were expecting some earlier relief package from PM, but he announced nothing except for inaugurating a “Langer” by Pakistan Baitulmal. One half of the protestors, including men, was sitting on the edge of that dam demanding compensation for their lands. Ms Marvi Memon criticized Government’s policies of giving the contract to FWO, despite the fact that the Chinese Government was interested in the deal and they were promising to discharge the water with in one month by minimum or no damage. She added, “It is beyond my imagination that, why did not the Govt offer that contract to the Chinese company, who was far more competent than FWO in every aspect”. She demanded the Govt to provide early aid to the affected people and bring their relatives back from the rim of that water bomb.


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